At Coopers, we continually seek reliable and motivated drivers with excellent customer service experience as we strive to offer the the ultimate taxi service in Chorley.

Only owner drivers are hired by Coopers Taxis and there are various reasons for this policy.

  • Firstly, it means that we only have a single tier vehicle system that means the entire job distribution is shared with your owner driver colleagues. It means that no lucrative jobs will not be creamed off by the owners, managers or any company cars as we simply do not own any.
  • Secondly, over the years, we have realised that owner drivers do care more about our business, their own cars and also the customers than many employee drivers that we previously employed when we did operate cars.


Our already efficient dispatch system has just been replaced by a superior state of the art system, capable of more sophisticated job allocation based on drivers proximity, earnings and length of time clear between jobs. All drivers are allocated a fully portable pda as we have moved away from the rather dated fixed terminals.


Our weekly settle is £105.00 plus vat per week. That permits you to drive any combination of shifts as much earnings as possible. Pre paid jobs and account work can be used to offset your settle with pre paid work being reimbursed to you weekly and account work monthly once you have become in credit with us.


You will only pay rent for weeks, or part of weeks worked. You will not pay rent for full weeks unworked, no matter how many weeks you take. We remain flexible and realistic with this approach.


Isn't that every taxi drivers favourite question?

Well if it's busy, then we are better equipped at keeping you busier than any firm in Chorley. With 4 x booking terminals in the office, IVR, (automated call taking when base staff busy), Web booking, app booking and text booking we can handle 1,000s of bookings each week.

We can't do much about the occasional quiet week, but we are masters of call catching when it's busy, and will always do our best for you.


Your can drive ANY time. From split shifts, half shifts, night shifts, including weekend or weekends only if you prefer. Any shift pattern that suits you best, and that is the real advantage of the taxi trade.

Please call Phil Cooper, Lynne Cooper or Neil Cooper on 01257 261666 for any questions you may have.